Attention: Men And Women Over 40: Are You Still Struggling to Lose Belly Fat?

Canadian Scientist Discovers this Breakthrough 4 Minute sequence is the Easiest way to torch off your stubborn belly fat without Making One Change to Your Diet or Leaving Your Own Bedroom

…and you’ll instantly see a noticeable change to your stomach in only 7 days.

Dear Reader,

What if I told you there's a simple 4 minute sequence has been proven by the International Library of Medicine to be 348% more effective than any traditional exercises at melting your belly fat? [5] 

and that this simple 4 minute sequence can be used by anyone of all ages as it's low impact so you won't risk injuring yourself.

Would you be interested?

Well, how about if I told you that this simple 4 minute sequence has been used by the most elite fighters in the world to sculpt attention grabbing and rock hard abs that can absorb 765 pounds of force?

Discover the Low Impact Abs Training Secrets of the Most Elite Athletes in the World

Well, before I go on any further, I should warn you: After reading the exclusive information on this very page it may forever change the way you see core training and you may just completely abandon what you have been doing.

Did you know that performing high rep ab workouts, over time, can make you store fat around your waist and belly and that it increases your chances of lower back pain? 

And thats because this low impact 4 minute sequence has nothing to do with high rep ab work-outs (such as sit-ups or crunches), planks, traditional cardio or even starving yourself on some low calorie diet. need to know

It's not Your fault That You are Struggling with Belly Fat.

Recent research from Harvard Medical School(3,4,9) has shown that belly fat is the most difficult type of fat to burn and is the most dangerous to your health.....

And that your typical high rep work-out can make you store more belly fat around your waist and significantly increases your risk of lower back pain?

You see, the technical term for belly fat is visceral fat and according to Harvard Medical School(3,4,9) fat is different from your normal fats (subcutaneous) as visceral fats lie deep in your abdominal area where it surrounds your vital abdominal organs such as your liver pancreas and kidneys(1).

Since it lies deep in your body, this type of fat is extremely dangerous (3,4,5,9) and difficult to eliminate as it requires a very specific training method to get rid of.

There’s A Better And More Efficient Way To Rapidly Lose Your Belly Fat In Such A Short Amount Of Time

Not only is performing those high rep ab workouts, planks or lengthy cardio hurting your progress but they are causing injuries to your body such as low back issues.

On this VERY PAGE you will discover this new revolutionary 4-minute Sequence that specifically targets belly fat and transforms your midsection into a lean and ripped six pack….and….

You'll see....

Increased Metabolism & Fat Burning Hormone Levels

  • Each sequence has been specifically designed to spike your metabolism and to trigger your body’s EPOC (Excess Poster Exercise Oxygen Consumption or After-burn). This means you will be burning fat for 24 hours after your workout, even in your sleep.
  • Boost your fat burning hormones (leptin) and control your cortisol (stress hormone) levels. 

More Energy

  • Become more energized so you can spend time with your loved ones.
  • Wake up completely rejuvenated and recharged ready to conquer the day.

​Healthy Benefits

  • Wake up and see your partner’s reaction as you have lost 2 inches off your belly overnight.
  • Look at your reflection in mirror with your chin high in the air, shoulders back, feeling taller stronger with a glean in your eye and you see your rock hard, six pack abs for the first time since you were in your 20’s.

And Best of All You Won't Have To:

  • Perform a single sit-up or any joint busting high impact exercise.
  • Buy an expensive gym membership or any special equipment as this weird 4-minute sequence can be done in the comfort of your living room.
  • Worry about being injured as this sequence is low impact and completely stress free on your joints

This Weird 4-minute Sequence is the EXACT solution You’ve Been Longing For…

This secret formula has NEVER been revealed to the public , until now…

After performing countless studies on the highest performing athletes in the world…. There was one select group that stood out when it comes to specifically torching off belly fat at such a rapid rate using small bursts of specific exercises.

Here’s the best part…

ANYONE can do these exercises, no matter your AGE, or even if you’ve had previous injuries.

The 4-Minute solution that you will now discover will contain EVERYTHING you need to finally get your dream midsection WITHOUT worrying if you’re the “right fit” for this solution.

  • Men who are in their 40’s, 50’s and even 60’s are starting to see a noticeable change in their midsection in as little as 7 days and most of them see their abs POP in a matter of weeks.
  • Women who are also in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s are noticing their jean size drop significantly and are able to fit into dresses that they haven’t got a chance to wear in years
  • Even men and women who have injuries get to experience dramatic changes in their midsection that they never knew they were capable of doing because of their limitations

Simply Put...If You need to lose belly fat and want to see your abs….then THIS Low Impact 4 Minute Sequence IS FOR YOU

Now, before I reveal this breakthrough 4-minute sequence....

You need to know the truth about why 99% of fitness experts are totally wrong when it comes to losing belly fat.

So, if you have ever struggled with your belly fat then you want to pay extra close attention to this.

Here are the 3 reasons why Lengthy Traditional Exercise are preventing you from ever losing belly fat

#1: Destroys your Metabolism Making it impossible to lose belly fat 

When you exercise for too long (even at 30-minutes) your body will eat away at your muscles which is responsible for having a healthy metabolism. On top of that, exercising for that long will increase your cortisol levels making you store belly fat instead of burning it off [15].

Every day that passes by where you exercise longer than you need to, your metabolism will only get slower and you will start to GAIN belly fat instead of losing it… and you will end up more frustrated than ever.

Solution: In as little as 4-minutes you can create a HUGE surge in your metabolism using a very specific sequence that will not cause you to lose muscle and will even decrease your cortisol levels making you melt off belly fat FAST. 

#2: Lengthy Cardio that Destroys Your Joints and Causes Injuries 

Have you been led to believe that slow, long winded cardio is the best way to lose fat?

If so, you've been listening to the infomercials that the large fitness companies have paid millions of dollars to promote.

You see, this type of work-out is not the solution…. 

but actually, the problem.

The repetitive impact on your sensitive body parts such as your knees, ankles and back can cause severe long term problems such as tendinitis, Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Inflammation in your joints, etc.

In addition, these types of exercises are the exact exercises that slow down your metabolism and destroy your fat burning hormones.

Have you ever wondered why those people walking on the treadmill or using the elliptical for hours are getting no results?

Solution: This movement only requires only 4 minutes to perform and can be completed anywhere you want and according to Michele Olson, Ph.D., principle researcher at the Auburn University Montgomery Kinesiology Laboratory it would take five times the amount of typical cardio exercise to shed the same number of calories you can with this four-minute sequence" [10].

By performing this weird low impact 4-minute sequence

….You will boost your fat burning hormones and increase your metabolism so that you melt off your unwanted belly fat hour by hour even after you stop working out.

#3: Destroys Your Fat Burning Hormones Which will Permanently
Prevent You From Losing Belly Fat

As you continue to exercise for long periods of time, you will DAMAGE your Thyroid Glands, which is responsible for producing the fat burning hormones T4 and T3. And once you have low levels of T4 and T3 it will be next to impossible to ever see a flat stomach or a ripped six pack.

If you have recently experienced a plateau, you may be suffering from this. It is very important that you STOP exercising for long periods of time and apply the information from this article

Solution: This specific 4-minute sequence will enhance your body’s fat burning hormones and drastically increase your T4 and T3 hormones so high that you’ll be burning off TONS of belly fat, even while you SLEEP.

Torch off belly fat and get your dream midsection in just 4-minutes

You see, it isn’t your fault you haven’t been able to burn off the belly fat that you truly desire… you were just bombarded with the wrong information when in reality, all you need is JUST 4-minutes of the right movements.

This Unique 4-minute sequence can be performed by ANYONE at ANY age and you don’t even have to leave your own living room.

This is the FIRST time that anything like this has been available on the internet.

Here’s why this 4-minute method is BETTER than anything you have ever tried before:

Discover The Belly Flattening and Ab Building Secrets of the best Fighters in the World

Reveal Your Abs in Just 4 Minutes

  • Each low impact movement is specifically sequenced to optimize your fat burning hormones so that you can fully reap the belly fat burning benefits after your workout and even while your sleep.
  • These sequences only last for a total of 4-minutes, meaning it can easily fit in your busy schedule. 
  • If you can get MORE results in just 4 minutes, would you do it? Heck YES!

See Noticeable Results In Only 7 Days

Give You Visible Results In 7 Days

  • Imagine by this time next week, you notice your waist get smaller; your belly starts to shrink and your abs become more noticeable.
  • You will be motivated to continue with these sequences because of how fast you're seeing results compared to anything you've ever tried
  • You'll walk around with a gleam in your eye as your confidence level is at an all time high.
  • You'll see the stunned looks on your friends and family's faces as they see the brand new you.

Proudly walk around with the mid-section that you have always desired and deserve

Rejuvenate Your Body Giving You an Explosion of Energy

  • Spring out of bed, surging with energy and ready to conquer your day as you’ll have lost all your energy sucking stomach fat.
  • Quickly melt away your visceral (belly fat) which is the number 1 cause of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, dementia and more. 
  • Supercharge your metabolism into a fat burning machine so you melt 3 inches off your belly in 7 days. 

So what is this brand new waist slimming, belly fat melting, six pack abs revealing sequence that is so much better than everything else?

Introducing the newest breakthrough belly fat melting method to ever hit the fitness industry....

4 Minute Kick-boxer Abs Sequencing TM 

Have you ever watched a kickboxing or MMA match and wondered how those athletes can take such ferocious impact on their midsections?

Have you ever seen how lean and powerful looking their midsections are?

Did you know according to sports science, a kick-boxer can kick with over 765 pounds of force? Thats enough to break a baseball bat!!

Fighters Have the Most Impressive Mid Sections As They Must Endure Ferocious Impacts up to 765 Pounds!!

so just think about it..... if you're going to be hit with 765 pounds of force...then you better better you're going to be doing something different than everything else.

Here's the trick that gets fighters so lean in such a short amount of time compared to anything else out there....

Fighters only train in short intervals and then rest for a specific period of time. They utilize a special movement that involves as many muscle groups as possible, which burns a TON of calories in a short period of time. 

These movements, when combined in a specific sequence, will have your body burning calories and fat AFTER your workout for at least 24-48 hours.

Here's something else you need to be aware of...

Fighters don't get get in shape when they fight....what makes them so fit is the preparation leading up to the fight...and only a tiny part of their fitness is dedicated to being fit...the rest is all about strategies and techniques of fighting.

So you won't need to get punched in the head...instead, you can utilize these unique concepts that fighters use to get in such incredible shape so that you can experience the best belly fat melting results you have ever experienced before.

Low Impact 4 Minute Sequence will force your body to burn 348% More Stubborn Belly Fat Calories Throughout the Whole Day even While You Sleep 

Conventional workouts focus too much on “burning calories” or how much you sweat during your workout, which won’t do anything for the amount of fat you’re actually melting off…

You see, when you apply the specific full body movements fighters use, you’ll create a HUGE surge in your metabolism in such a short amount of time.

And when you apply these exercises in a specific sequence and combine them with the unique ab strengthening exercises that is responsible for fighters having such attention demand midsection…

You’ll Be Seeing The MOST Rapid Belly Fat Loss You’ve Ever Experienced In Your LIFE….With This 4 Minute Sequence

You body will experience a huge surge in your fat burning hormones, keeping your levels of T3 and T4 high , which will have you burning fat while you sleep.

Why Kick-boxers are the most fit athletes....

Now lets look at why kick-boxers are the most fit athletes in the world and why you should use their methods to reveal your own abs even faster!

If you ever watched a fight on TV then you should kick-boxers depend on their solid core to protect themselves and to take such intense impact.

Even the female fighters have some of the attractive midsections that i've ever seen.

So obviously, these athletes are doing something unique to their training methods. You see, they use a very special low impact movement to train and to warm up in a unique 4 minute sequence that activates their core unlike anything you've ever tried.

This unique movement is also low impact as these athletes cannot risk injuring themselves before a match.

Im here to tell you that ANYONE of ANY AGE can use these breakthrough training concepts without ever getting punches in the head! 

Who I am and How Do I know All of This

North American Muay Thai Champ, Masters Degree in Applied Science and 15 years as a Professional Fitness Coach

My name is Mike Zhang and I am a Two Time North American Kickboxing Champion with a record of 16 wins and 5 losses.

I hold a Undergraduate and Masters Degree in Applied Science with a focus on Advanced Human Biomechanics and I've spent the past 12 Years training athletes competing in the UFCGlory KickboxingKing of the CageHollywood CelebritiesActors and More.

My method was so effective at helping men and women over 40 shred stubborn belly fat that I became one of the busiest trainers in Toronto. I’ve even caught the attention of many media outlets with several million views on YouTube with 862,000 subscribers and 56,200 followers on Instagram.

To date I’ve helped over 33,250 individuals get into the best shape of their lives and ran seminars all over the world including in Colombia, Canada, and at top fitness gym’s in the United States.

2.55 Million Views & 862,000 Subscribers!

Cornering/Coaching KOTC World Champion Melissa Karagianis

But It wasn't always like this....

I still remember it like it was yesterday when I was bullied and picked on for being out of shape and fat.

I walked around with a constant slouch and couldn’t make eye contact with another stranger.

I was very insecure and I tried everything, and even spent thousands of dollars on an expensive personal trainer that led to some serious lower back pains.

One day I saw a kickboxing match and the athletes’ physique impressed me so much that I began to study their training methods and eventually through years of first-hand experience, I discovered and identified a series of short sequences that were responsible for their rock-solid abs….

And to my shock, these sequences never involved any sit ups or even lengthy workouts...

Rather, they involved some weird movements in a unique sequence for a very short period of time.

At first I was a bit skeptical, but after I tried this sequence of movements I was shocked at the results.

Have a look at my transformation....

This 4 minute sequence helped me become a North American Muay Thai Champion

Now before I get into the weird 4-minute sequence I want to share with you the three principles that make this sequence so effective at melting off all your belly fat.

Introducing 4-Minute Kickboxer Abs 

The Most Cutting Edge System To Revealing Your Abs In The Shortest Amount of Time Possible

Discover the Secret 4 Minute Sequencing that is revolutionizing the fitness industry.

Finally, a DONE FOR YOU system that can easily fit into your busy schedule AND get rid of your belly fat FASTER than anything else that you have ever seen.

In this done for you system, you’ll have Follow Along Videos of every belly fat melting workout AND a complete done for you blueprint that will provide you with an easy to follow road map for everything you need to do so that you lose every last inch off your belly and waist.

You’ll benefit from all the unique methods that get kick-boxers such amazing midsections and do them in a simple, easy to use format that can be performed by ANYONE at ANY age…

You'll discover....

  • The proper way to use shadowboxing in your work-out to activate your abdominal muscles by an additional 348%
  • A Simple 10 second Morning Ritual that Elite Fighters Use to Lose their last few pounds of belly fat before "weighing-in"
  • How to properly perform each technique; maximizing your fat loss and abdominal muscle activation.
  • Easy to follow and done for you coaching videos that you can play from anywhere demonstrating the low impact 4 minute sequences
  • How I eat bacon every single day and still stay lean with a 6 pack year round
  • A simple breathing hack that fighters use to trick your body to strengthen your brain to muscle connection to help you stimulate your abdominal muscles faster
  • Dr. Stuart McGill's secret abs training formula (He was our Strength and Conditioning coach)
  • The perfect evening routine that I teach my professional fighters to ensure a deep, quality and restful night of sleep to force your body to burn fat while you wake up rejuvenated and ready to attack the day.
  • A simple movement that will unlock your abdominal muscles to relieve your lower back pains.
  • How to properly hold a plank and why you should NEVER hold a plank for over 1 minute (Hint: it's going to destroy your back).
  • A secret 10 second low impact movement that has been used by ancient warriors for the past 2755 years to sculpt lean and fit abs. 
  • ​​​​A simple mindset hack I used with King of the Cage World Champion that will help you unleash your inner warrior; changing your perspective on life so you shatter all plateaus in your fitness, career and relationships.

Take a look at These Incredible Transformations From Using the 4 Minute Kick-boxer Abs System

Meet Peter 

He’s 59.

When we first met he said “Mike I need help” with an expression that appeared pained.

He explained with shuddering breaths that his eyes would water with pain every morning as he gripped his bed post for support just to get out of bed. 

His excess belly fat made his body feel achy as he was carrying around too much weight. 

His lower back felt like it was on fire.

Peter when I first Met him

He walked around chin down, staring at his feet avoiding eye contact with others as he was worried what they thought of him.

He felt a lack of energy every day and he refused to look at his own reflection as he felt worthless since he couldn’t control his belly fat.

Even worse, he explained how his health had been rapidly deteriorating.

His doctors warned him of a potential stroke and that he was concerned what would happen if he had a stroke

..... like who would take care of his kids.

He explained to me that he tried everything but nothing seemed to work as he couldn't do those crazy high intensity work-outs those expensive commercial trainers kept on giving him.

I promised him that everything was going to be okay and gave him my weird low impact 4-minute sequence that requires no sit-ups or crunches and this happened...

Peter after 4 Minute Kick-boxer Abs

These three Principles are the Reasons Why This Weird 4 Minute Sequence is 348% More Effective at Melting Away Your Belly Fat than Performing 1,200 Sit-Ups![5]

Principle #1 - Apex Muscular Activation

Getting rid of your stubborn belly fat is simple if you perform the right movements that will work with your natural metabolism.

You will never flatten your belly fat by just doing the simple the traditional exercises that only activate part of your core.

What you need is to train with the AMA (Apex Muscular Activation) effect to trigger your fat burning hormones and alter your metabolic rate so that you start to burn fat 24/7 even after you work-out.
 This will melt away your belly fat rapidly so you can see your abs.

Principle #2 - Isometric Contraction

Research conducted by the Harvard medical school has shown that isometric contractions activate your muscles the best[5].

Did you also know that your body is not designed to be performing sit ups?

In fact, according to Dr. Stuart Mcgill from the University of Waterloo Department of Back Biomechanics, when you perform a sit up, you apply 3,300 newtons of unnecessary compressive forces to your back[5].

In simple terms, sit-ups destroy your back because your abs's primary purpose is not to bend your spine.

Their purpose is to stabilize and brace your upper-body trunk and the best way to model this is to perform isometric movements that utilizes your core

Principle #3 - Shadow-boxing

If you want to burn calories fast, you need to incorporate as many muscles as possible.

Shadowboxing is a low impact movement that kick-boxers use to warm up according to the Muscle, Ligaments and Tendons Journal this unique movement incorporates 93.4% of all the muscles in your body[5].

That’s 348% more than a sit-up[5]

Simply put…. the best low impact movement to burn fat and stimulate your metabolism is shadowboxing.

So, if you want to burn belly fat fast incorporate some type of shadowboxing into your workout.

There is Absolutely NO Excuse Why You Shouldn't get mind blowing results from this 4 minute sequence

You Have No Time

This short 4 minute sequence can be done anywhere with no equipment. All it takes is four minutes out of your day and you can experience the FASTEST belly fat loss of your life.

You Lack Motivation

This short 4 minute sequence can be done anywhere with no equipment. All it takes is four minutes out of your day and you can experience the FASTEST belly fat loss of your life.

You Think You're Too Old

Whether you're in your 40's or even in your 80's this low impact 4 minute sequence is exactly what you need. It is CRITICAL you stay active as you age to prevent your health issues.

You Have Bad Genetics

I specialize in helping individuals that struggle with weight loss. Once you optimize your fat burning hormones and skyrocket your metabolism with this 4 minute sequences, your genetics won't make the smallest difference.

You Have An Injury

Remember, this 4 minute system uses a special low impact movement that kick-boxers use to warm-up before a they cannot risk ANY injuries. 

It's ultra low impact so that anyone, even if you are injured you can use it.

You Aren't Fit

This is the PERFECT introduction level system as it only needs 4 minutes every single day and it is ultra low impact so it's perfect for beginners.

You can also perform these 4 minute sequences at home so you never have to risk going to an intimidating and germ infested gym.

Here's what some other People have said about 4 minute Kick-boxer Abs

"Mike Cares!"

This program was well made. The short movements are fun and engaging to perform. Best of all, they were interesting and nothing like anything I had ever done in the past. I lost 7 inches around my waist and my transformation stunned my friends and family.

- Robert Bautista

"My Life Changed"

I struggled with my belly fat and since I work a lot at a desk job, I could feel my core getting weaker.
Mike Zhang helped me a lot with his first program, so I thought I’d try 4 minute kick-boxer abs...and I am glad I did because it worked very well

- Lucia Jones

"Best Investment Ever"

I am in my 30’s and work a ton. I was looking for a system that I could do at home so I tried the 4-minute kick-boxer Abs.

The work-outs are so much fun to perform and the greatest thing is that my daughter does them with me! I can’t believe someone on Mike’s caliber would have such an affordable program!

- Kyle Smith

After surgery at 45 years old, I seriously struggled to get rid of my excess belly fat. Even though I am in the fitness industry working for the UFC I knew Mike as one of the most knowledgeable guys around.

His low impact 4-minute kick-boxer abs system helped me drop 4 sizes around my waist and get my abs back post-surgery.

- Funk Roberts

If you’ve ever wanted to train with a Muay Thai Champion and Professional MMA coach now is your chance.

This is your opportunity to get an inside view of how elite kick-boxer train so you can get those head turning and attention grabbing abs without ever having to get punched in the face.

Remember, your traditional ab training routine isn’t working, nor is starving yourself.

To get lean, rock solid 6 pack abs, you need to train like a kick-boxer.

So If you are serious about getting rid of that squishy and dangerous belly fat while melting away your love handles like butter on a hot skillet then you need to apply the 4-minute kick-boxer abs sequences.

4 Minute Kick-boxer Abs

This is the only done for you solution developed by a North American Muay Thai Champion that shows you how to get rock solid abs like a kick-boxer right from your living room without any fancy equipment.

You Won’t Find These Secrets Anywhere Else

Only because of my extensive career as a kick-boxer and coach to active professional fighters was I able to develop this revolutionary program.

This isn’t your typical program that you’ll get from some kid that has been trained for 2 month at your local commercial gym.

I have spent 15 years.... (Remember my masters degree? That took me 8 years to attain!) studying, researching and perfecting my craft.

Guest Coach at MMA Colombia in Medellin, Colombia

This is why I am one of the top coaches and fighters in North America. Remember, if you want to hire me to train you, its $180 EACH session.

Today you are going to have the once in a lifetime opportunity to get trained by a professional coach and North American Champion to discover exactly how Kick-boxers train to sculpt their rock solid 6 pack abs.

Everything You Need To Sculpt A Lean And Rock Hard Midsection Without Stepping Outside Of Your
Home Is Found In This Package

4 Minute Kick-boxer Abs Blueprint ($57 Value)

Done for your blueprint that shows the short 4 minute sequences to turn your squishy belly fat into the 6 pack abs of your dreams.


You will discover the never before seen, step by step 4 minute sequences that kick-boxers are using to melt away your stubborn belly fat and replace it with rock hard six pack abs faster than anything you have ever tried.

4 Minute Kick-boxer Abs Exercise Guide ($57 Value)

This is the detailed exercise guide that offer an in-depth explanation of each technique.

This guide explains what muscles are being targeted and how to perform the technique properly to avoid injury. With this guide, you’ll understand how to proper perform each movement to prevent injuries.

4 Minute Kick-boxer Abs 6 Week Guide ($57)

This is the done for you easy to follow picture filled 6-week guide that is going to show you exactly what to do over the next 6 weeks to flatten your belly and sculpt the mid-section of your dreams.

All you have to do, is follow the 6 week blueprint and you'll wake up every morning and see your belly fat melting as you rejuvenate all your youthful energy.

4 Minute Kick-boxer Abs coaching Videos ($67)

You will get access to my coach videos where I offer an in-depth explanation of each technique.

I will demonstrate each movement right in front of you so you know exactly how to execute each technique without any mistakes.

You will have me, a North American and Professional Striking Coach in your corner, coaching you every step of the way.

PLUS! When you make the Right choice to take action today I'll also give you Three Free Bonus Gifts!

Lower Back Freedom Guide: Foam Roller Edition ($37)

Did you know that a major cause of lower back pains is a weak core and/or training them improperly?

You’ll discover 8 simple movements using the foam roller and trigger point ball that will release the tension in your body to eliminate all your low back pains so you may live the pain free life that you desire and deserve.

21 Day Done For You Flat Belly Guide ($37)

This is the 21-day done for you program that elite kick-boxers use prior to a match to eliminate any last stubborn fat. You’ll learn how to manipulate water and carbohydrate absorption in your body to quickly lose weight and flatten your belly in only 21 days.

This is perfect solution if you have a special event such as a wedding or photoshoot that you need to look great for.

Revitalize Your Youthful Energy ($37)

If you over 40, feel sluggish, have low energy or struggle with waking up in the morning then this guide is solution you have been looking for.

Based on the 2374-year-old ancient practices of the Boron Warrior Tribe in Thailand. These simple tricks will allow you to jump out of bed first thing in the morning shoulders back with a straight posture and energy surging through your veins so that you are ready to attack the day.

flattening your mid section and building the
6 Pack abs of your Dreams Doesn’t Get Anymore 
Done-For-You Than This….

So let me ask you a question...

What do you think is a reasonable price for something that’s going to free you from you’re your pains with having excess belly fat?

What price would you put on waking up refreshedbursting with energy and ready to attack the day free of all your pains?

To see your partner's stunned reaction as you have lost 2 inches off your belly overnight.

You run to your mirror with your chin high in the air, shoulders back, feeling taller stronger with a sparkle in your eye and… 

You see your rock hard, six pack abs for the first time since you were in your 20’s.

You can’t believe your own reflection, so you stand and stare for a few minutes.

You see… I know exactly how you feel 

…. because I’ve been there I was able to completely change my life by getting rid of my belly fat.

I’ve seen over 32,323 of my clients go through the same change.

So I think it’s safe to say that recharging your energy levels so you can enjoy time with your family, melting away your stubborn belly fat so that you feel more confident and freeing yourself from all your obesity related pains so you have no worries about a heart attack or stroke is priceless.

And as you can see from the items listed above this package is worth $349

OJ's Transformation

And can I just be honest with you? 

This is a great price because I typically charge $150 for 1 session.

Which is why if you go on my website you’ll see that the normal retail price is $97


You won’t be paying the retail price of $57

In fact, you won’t even be paying my discounted price of $37

Instead, since i've just launched this product and I know you’re buying this through one of my friends

I am going to give you this insane packaged that’s worth $349 for the VIP Price of only $9.

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Why Only 9 Dollars?

You see…. I wasn’t always the fit guy.

When I was younger, I had that skinny fat build and I got made fun of a lot. 

I remember being self-conscious about my belly fat and it made my life incredibly miserable.

That was until I discovered this weird 4-minute sequence that turned my belly fat into 6 pack abs and people started treating me differently.

I was even able to become a North American Muay Thai Champion representing Team Canada on an international stage.

Featured on Muay Thai is Life Magazine Before my 2011 TBA-SA North American Championship Bout

Why am I telling you this?

Well this discovery, and my transformation had some major positive changes beyond just fitness. It led to a new level of confidence that changed my life.

I now walk around with my chin up, with a sense of calm and ease and I even confidently smiled at random strangers walking by me.

…and it really hurts me when I see people struggle with their physical shape 

.... sometimes those days where I was self conscious still haunts me. 

to be a nobody….. 

Walking around clutching my hands with my head hanging low and feeling discomfort in front of strangers.

Feeling so small that you feel like you are just existing in the shadows of the world…

This is why I became a personal trainer and after becoming a North American Muay Thai Champion I realized that my purpose in life was to help as many people as I could.

and this is why I am giving this revolutionary program for a mere $9….

You see, this isn’t just about money for me, rather I want to help as many people as I can.

There’s just so much wrong information out there and so many trainers are making you do all the wrong work-outs.

This is why I am charging next to nothing for this revolutionary system.

And that’s not all… 

I am about to doing something that most trainer would NEVER think about doing.

I want you to try this program for FREE.

I am going to put all of the risk on me and give you my Triple Belly Fat Knock-Out Guarantee so you can decide if you want to keep the program AFTER you test it out.

Triple Belly Fat Knock-Out Guarantee

I am so confident that the 4-minute kick-boxer abs system is going to flatten and eliminate all your belly fat and relieve you of all your pains associated with having a big belly and free you from the embarrassment of being obese that I want you to test it out for free.

Yep I said it.

I want you to make the decision to buy the program…. AFTER you try it out.

In fact, if you do not experience a life changing transformation, then I simply do not want your money. 

So, I am going to give you my triple belly fat guarantee.

Guarantee #1 – Round 1 Belly Fat K.O

I guarantee that you will lose your belly fat faster than anything you have ever tried in your life.

In the first 21 days, you will wake up every single shocked at your own reflection in the mirror….and if you are not then I simply do not want your money.

In fact, after the program is done, I will personally email you and ask, “So how as it?” and if you don’t say “it’s a life changer” then I’ll immediately refund you of all your money.

No question asked!

Guarantee #2 - Perfect for All Ages

Anyone at any age and physical condition can follow this system and enjoy results fast. It doesn’t matter what physical level you are at, these movements are low impact and easy on your joints so that anyone can perform this system.

Guarantee #3 – 100% Satisfaction

Simply put, if you are not 100% satisfied with the revolutionary information in this done for you system you’ll get your money back.

All you need to do is email me and you will receive a full refund.

I am 100% confident in this system as I have dedicated over 10 year of my life studying my craft.

Using this system, I have trained professional athletes, Olympic medalists and thousands of clients of all shapes and sizes so I know EXACTLY what works.

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So Right Now You Have Two Choices

Option 1

First, you can sit there and do absolutely nothing. 

but remember, everything you have done up to this point to get rid of your stubborn belly fat has not been working.

And if you keep doing the same thing... 

You’ll get the same results 

You’ll continue to wake up every morning feeling groggy, walk over to your mirror and feel embarrassed at your reflection. 

You’ll still struggle with your achy body as your joints struggle to carry all your excess belly fat.

You’ll wonder if your partner is even attracted to you…as you grow more and more distant from them.

You will continue to feel uncomfortable and insecure about your body and even worse, this can lead to some pretty devastating health problems.

At what point will you decide that it is time for a change?

Are you going to wait until you have a stroke and scare your family half to death?

Option 2

Or you can pick option 2. 

Where you perform this weird 4-minute sequence and wake up up refreshed, bursting with energy and ready to attack the day.


You slide out of bed and feel overwhelmed at your partner’s shocked reaction as you’ve lost 2 inches off your belly fat overnight. 

You feel your senses heighten…and you giggle and run over to the scale where you make eye contact with the number…

You step off and back on just to make sure it’s accurate.

You lost 2 pounds of pure belly fat

…You look up and you almost lose your breathe

…you can’t believe the person looking back at you in the mirror….

You step off and back on just to make sure it’s accurate.

You lost 2 pounds of pure belly fat

…You look up and you almost lose your breathe

…you can’t believe the person looking back at you in the mirror...

In less than 21 days, your belly fat disappears, your squishy love hands diminish and your core feels rock solid as if you could take a punch from Mike Tyson.

For the first time in your life, your abs become more visible and your lower stubborn belly fat is finally gone and replaced with a chiseled set of abs just like the one you see on athletes on TV.

You walk around with your chin up, start to carry around a positive outlook on life and now you approach people with ease.

You even look forward to the next workout because they only take a couple of minutes and can be done right in your living room and the results are faster than any program you have ever tried.

You even notice members of the opposite sex start to give you their undivided attention and give you that deep gaze whenever they see you.

You jump out of bed in the morning and feel full of energy and most importantly, you finally receive the respect that you deserve from your friends and family with your new surging level of confidence.

It’s time for you to take this opportunity to start the life changing transformation to the body of your dreams.

This is discounted price will be going away very soon so make the right decision and click the “Buy Now” button below and start the journey to a new you.

This should be a no brainer decision

….You really have nothing to lose!

For less than the price of a fast food meal, you can transform your body into the body of your dreams.

Click The "Add to Cart" Button Below To Claim This Limited Time Offer and Your 3 FREE Bonuses To Melt Off All Your Unwanted Belly Fat

To Your Success,

Your Friend and Coach

Mike Zhang

P.S. – Studies by Harvard University [2,3] has shown that Belly fat is extremely dangerous and significantly increases you risk of heart disease (# 1 Killer in the world), cholesterol and type 2 diabetes.


Even if you don’t try this breakthrough 4 minute sequence, as a trainer I sincerely hope that you take your own health seriously. Your well-being impacts everyone around you…especially your loved ones….. please take care of yourself. 

You have in front of you a system that has helped thousands of people torch off their stubborn belly fat.

A system that required over 13 years of research, training and living in Thailand to put together.

You will not get this information anywhere else so are you really going to let the chance to get the newest cutting edge information on training your abs by you by?

P.P.S. – Remember, with my Triple Belly Fat KO money back guarantee, you can decide if you want to keep the revolutionary 4 minute sequences AFTER you test it out. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Click the “Buy Now” button and enjoy all the benefits of having flat and rock solid six pack abs.

Click The "Add to Cart" Button Below To Claim This Limited Time Offer and Your 3 FREE Bonuses To Melt Off All Your Unwanted Belly Fat


1) I am too busy and don’t have time, Can I still Get Abs like a Kick-boxer?

YES! Absolutely! If being busy is one of your concerns then Kick-boxer Abs is the 6 pack and flat belly solution that you have been looking for. You can perform these short five minute routines from the comfort of your own living room so you’ll never need to waste time commuting to the gym.

2) Can Be Used with My Current Workout Program?

Yes! Kick-boxer abs is a perfect finisher routine that can be used to compliment your other training. Since Kick-boxer only requires 5 - 10 minutes each workout, you can easily incorporate this system with your existing workout.

3) I am over 60, will this work for me?

YES! Absolutely! ​​Men and women over 60 some even in their 80’s have used this system to enjoy all the benefits of having a lean and sculpted midsection. You see, these routines are low impact and easy on your joints so kick-boxer abs is currently being recommended by doctors as a training system for their patients over 60 years of age.

4) Will Work for Both Men and Women?

Yes! Inside Kick-boxer Abs you will see the same flat belly and 6 pack abs techniques that male and female world-class professional kick-boxers use to sculpt their rock solid abs. These belly flattening and core building movements are fast and effective for both men and women of any age.

5) What if It Doesn’t Work for Me?
If kick-boxer abs doesn’t work for you, just simply send me an email (Simply reply to the welcome email) and I’ll issue you a full refund.

6) How Long Does it Take for Me to Get the Program?

After you register, you will be instantly sent the entire 4 minute kick-boxer abs system. You will be able to download the system directly to your computer. Nothing is shipped in the mail so you don’t have to wait for anything to be shipped.

7) Is My Credit Card and Personal Safe?

Your Credit Card is 100% Safe. Clickbank is a Better Business Bureau A++ Accredited Business. It is a top tier internet retailer who sites are 100% Norton and Mcafe secure.

8) Will I Be Billed More Than Once?

No, the 4 Minute Kick-boxer Abs is a one-time secure payment. You will only billed once.

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