7 Minute Flat Belly Work-Out (with Instructional Step-by-step Video)

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Too busy to exercise? Or too tired for a work out to keep your body in tune? Don’t worry, here is a seven-minute workout that is perfect for those who only have a short time to spare and yet want to do an effective workout.

This super effective and strategic exercises merged into a single seven-minute workout training is proven, and is used by many fitness experts around the world. Here is the instructional video on how to do the full 7-minute workout.

The fat burning exercises included in this video are low-impact and are developed for both men and women, especially those over the age of 40. The exercises for this killer combo of core strengthening moves include:

Each exercise should take forty-five seconds. And before proceeding on to the next, there should be a fifteen-second break because you need to recover in between sets. Also, make sure that you are not taking too long. If you rest more than ninety seconds in between sets, your heart rate will slow down, which may cause the body to stop refueling the muscles.

Try to do this workout routine every day to burn your belly fat and strengthen your core muscle group.

The first exercise is jogging on the spot. The best benefit of this calisthenic exercise is that you do not need any equipment to do it. This is also one of the best exercises to include in your warm up to prepare the muscles. It is known to elevate the heart rate, consequently improving the cardiovascular system.

Start by moving your feet up and down. March in position, slightly raising your knees. Keep everything relaxed. You do not have to push yourself too hard. What we just want is to get a heart rate going a little bit higher, so just keep your shoulders relaxed. Try to stay light while jogging on your feet and do not bang your feet onto the ground to avoid potentially hurting your knees. Do it nice and slow and remember to relax your muscles. If it is too tiring for you, walk for a little bit and take your time to get the feel of the jog. Increase your marching speed if you like or use a variety of movements such as exaggerating the heel lift or raising your knee higher. As you jog or alternate walk-jog in place, do not forget to keep your abdominals tight. Do this by pulling your navel towards your back or spine. Move your bent arms as if you are running or jogging outside. Land on the ball of your foot as you jog and keep your heels lifted. Do this for forty-five seconds and rest for about fifteen seconds before going to the next exercise.

Using a mat, get yourself into a pushup position onto the ground. This exercise is just a standard plank. To do this, get onto our elbows and your toes. Make sure your back is going to be completely flat, and that you should be forming a straight line from the head, through your shoulders to your feet. You don't want your glutes to be sticking too high up into the air. Brace your core muscles as if you were about to be punched straight into the gut. 

Also, one of the things you want to make sure you're doing is that you are rolling your scapula back like you are depressing them to make sure that your back is neutral. Keeping your back neutral will protect your core. If you need a little bit of a break, what you can do is simply drop your knees and relax a little bit. After forty-five seconds, rest (15 seconds) and then proceed to the third exercise.

For the third step, stay on the ground and flip over so you should be lying on your back. Once on your back, lift your hands and the opposite leg up into the air. For instance, if you raise your right arm, lift your left leg, and vice versa. Do this alternatively while keeping your back neutral. Focus on keeping your core engaged while doing the exercise. Also, keep your gaze upwards through the ceiling. Take a break and go back to the original position. Slowly get back on your feet.

The next activity is simply — punch outs. So I want you to stand on your feet, shoulders width apart and keep your elbows nice and relaxed. This is a straightforward exercise to do. Just make sure that your technique is accurate; otherwise, you may just be flailing your arms, which will not benefit you at all.

So, hold your arms up in front of your face like in a guard position. Bend your arms at around 90 degrees at your elbow. With your dominant arm first, punch out so that the arm becomes straight. Bring the dominant arm back to the guard position and repeat with the other arm. Every time you throw a punch, focus on turning your body all the way. It is so important to turn because when you are performing a punch, it activates almost every muscle in your body. A movement like this is sometimes called shadow boxing. Perform this for another forty-five seconds, rest, and proceed to the next.

The next is called a bird dog. So let’s get back onto the ground, we’re going to go down to our knees and hand position. What you’re going to do is extend one arm and opposite leg out all the way. If you find it a little bit difficult, what you can do is just simply lift up one arm or just one leg. But try your best and see if you can do one arm and one leg. Do it again on the other side, and at the very end, you can extend one leg and one arm that way. Relax and get ready for the sixth step.

The next one is the flutter kick. First, turn over onto your backs. Put your hands on your sides and what you’re gonna do is just rhythmically raise legs alternatively — switching one after the other.

Focus on keeping the natural arch in your back. It is really important because you want to protect your back. We do not want to put your back in a position where it gets compromised. So when you are performing this, you’re going to naturally have your chest up, forming that nice s-curve into your spine.

Our last exercise is called Plank Shoulder Touch.  So, flip over into a push-up position. In that position, you can get on your knees or on your toes, whichever you feel comfortable with. Then, what you're gonna do is with your scapula back, push your chest out. After that, touch your shoulder with your hand on the opposite side. Focus on keeping your whole back flat, so that when you are tapping your shoulder, your body won’t wobble to the left or right. 

Just take it easy and remember that the key here is consistency, so you don’t have to kill yourself in every single workout. Try your best, and the next time will always be more comfortable as your body gets accustomed to the movements.

Quick Belly Work Out

In a fast-paced that world we live in, consuming thirty to forty-five minutes a day for a flat belly workout can seem like a significant challenge. For a busy individual, it may even seem impossible. This 7-minute workout can help you in your quest for a strong core.

Got 7 Minutes? Give this great seven minute over 40 belly fat burning workout a try!

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Mike Zhang is the founder of the MZF Group. He graduated from the University of Toronto on the dean's list with a Masters Degree in science.  Mike was a two time National Muay Thai Champion, and a strength and conditioning coach to several learned athletes. He has over 14 years of experience as a Muay Thai Coach.