How To Maximize The Efficiency of Your Workout

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How To Maximize The Efficiency of Your Workout

There is a famous saying that goes, ‘There is no gain without pain.’ While it might be valid to some extent, it’s also true that you can maximize the efficiency of your work-out without too much pain and discomfort. The key to increasing gym efficiency is not to work out harder, but to work-out smarter.

Tips on How To Maximize The Efficiency of Your Workout

Here are some tips to maximize the efficiency of your work-out, whether you are doing a bench press in the gym, or running at the park for resistance training.

1. Do Not Always Rely on your Equipment

Stretching prepares the muscles

Yes, work-out equipment can help in any fitness routine. But, they are just tools to help you achieve your work-out goals. They are not going to improve on anything without your time, effort, and determination.

2. Take Adequate Rest Periods

Many people frantic about making the most of every day or hour at the gym. While this mindset can be inspiring, it completely omits the most important key factor in a successful work-out routine—that our bodies take time to recover. Inadequate rest periods may lead to overtraining syndrome. Overtraining syndrome happens when a person works-out beyond the body’s ability or tolerance level. It can lead to overuse injuries, muscle strains, sprains, stress fractures, joint pain, prolonged bouts of psychological stress, and a lot more. Knowing this, anyone who trains should incorporate adequate periods of rest throughout their work-out routine. 

If you are wondering what the recommended work-out routine is, here is the answer: The American College of Sports Medicine suggests that adults can get at least two and a half hours of cardio exercise training (moderate intensity) per week.

3. Have Fun with your Workouts

Work-outs tend to be dreadful and tiring at some point. To keep you engaged in your exercise routines, find activities that you will enjoy so you will stick to it, achieve your goals, and have fun.

4. Do not Skip Warm-ups

Warm-ups not only prepares you for training but prevents possible muscle or other types of work-out related injury. In a review made by BMC Medicine, they concluded that warm-ups significantly decreased the risk of lower-body injuries. It has also been found that it is particularly effective in preventing knee injuries—ACL tears in particular, which are common in competitive runners and athletes.

If you are not convinced enough, there are other reasons why you should stretch. These reasons include the promotion of blood circulation, post-exercise ache relief, increased flexibility, posture improvement, increased range of motion, and a lot more.

5. Mix up your Workout Routines

Mixing up and changing your work-out routine avoids muscle stagnation. Muscle stagnation occurs when you stick to one type of exercise or selected muscle group for too long, rendering the routine ineffective. While it keeps you in shape, you are not making real progress.

6. Consume Adequate Protein and Carbs

Many people forget to balance their protein and carbs intake in their diet when working out. If you do, you won’t improve that much, because carbs are the best energy source. Proteins are responsible for repairing, rebuilding, and maintaining the integrity of various tissues, as well as transporting other nutrients in the body. They also make essential hormones and enzymes so that certain body functions can be accomplished. In short, protein is a powerful nutrient to maximize the efficiency of work-outs. The question is, how much protein should you consume?

7. Take supplements

Take supplements such as  Lean Body Hacks Detox Tea

If you are too busy to buy protein-rich snacks or prepare meals high in amino acids, you can to take some supplements such as Lean Body Hacks (LBH) Detox tea. By mixing a spoonful into a cup of your drinking water, weight management and muscle building can be more comfortable and faster.

8. Do not Omit Iron-rich Foods in your Diet

Iron is not just for anemic (people with low red blood cell level) individuals. It plays an important role in muscle building. Iron is responsible for carrying or transporting the oxygen molecules in different parts of our body so we can be fit and healthy. Because when you work-out, your body demands more oxygen. 

9. Maintain Good Form when Doing your Workout Routines

Following a good exercise form is crucial for every exercise routine. Proper form helps you train more efficiently because you can utilize your energy and train longer instead of wasting movements.  If you exercise without using appropriate muscles, there will be no improvement. So remember that the better your form is when you are training, the better your results will be.

About the Authors:

Mike Zhang

Mike Zhang is the founder of the MZF Group. He graduated from the University of Toronto on the dean's list with a Masters Degree in science.  Mike was a two time National Muay Thai Champion, and a strength and conditioning coach to several learned athletes. He has over 14 years of experience as a Muay Thai Coach.

Marijune Tiamzon, RN, MHPNP

With nearly 5 years of experience in the medical field, Marijune holds a registered nurse license and a certificate as a mental health nurse practitioner. She is an adventurous young professional, and her hobbies include diving, windsurfing, and saber fencing.

As an avid writer, she is most passionate about sharing acquired knowledge in the medical field and how to apply it to improve the quality of life of our readers.