The 12 Best Body Weight/Calisthenics Workout to Test Your Limits!

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In the midst of all the different workout programs, the simplest form of exercise often is overlooked. One great way to workout is simply to incorporate our own body weight workouts. We allow our body to function as it were designed to, to be able to move effectively, freely and most importantly without and pains. That being said, I believe calisthenics (bodyweight workouts) is one of the best effective ways to workout. You can do them anywhere you like, in your room, on the beach or even by a pool!

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Here are 12 Body weight exercises that is sure to  test your conditioning and physical abilities.

1)    1-2-1-2 Sprawl

Start in a fighting stand, throw a jab cross (1 - 2) then drop to the ground and push your hips into the ground for a sprawl. When you throw the 1-2 make sure you focus on turning your body all the way so you are engaging your core during this move.


2)    Squat-Knee

Start in a your neutral stance position with your chest up, shoulders back, feet shoulder width apart. Lower yourself while keeping your chest up and back straight, into the squat. When you come up lift one leg up to perform a knee strike.


3)    Star-Jump

Start standing feet shoulder width apart. Jump up as high as you can in the air, at the same time open your legs and raise your arms at a 45 degree outwards to the side. You will form a star in mid-air.


4)    Pulse Lunge Knee

Take a big back into a lunge position. Make sure that you take a big enough step so that your knee doesn't go past your toes when you are in you lunge position. Pulse three times, and on the third one, lift your knee to perform a knee strike. Repeat on the other side.


5)    Bunny Hops

Get down into a low squat position on your toes. Give yourself a small push so you "hop" up and down.  


6)    Burpees

Start on your feet, jump up as high as possible into the air, then drop down into a push position. Perform one push up, then get back up on your feet.


7)    Push-Up Shoulder Touch   

Start in a push-up position. With a focus on keeping your back neutral (pulling your shoulder blades back and pushing your chest out), perform a push up until your nose touches the floor. When you come up, right at the top of your push up as you are coming up, take your hand and touch the opposite shoulder. When you do this, try your best to keep your whole body still and only your hang moving.


8)    Chin-Up

Stand in front of the chin-up bar and place your hands on the bar. You can choose to use any grip variation that you would like, palms facing you or away from you. Make sure when you are pulling yourself up that you do not wobble forward and do not use your lower body to "kick" yourself up. Pull until your chin is above the bar.


9)    Blast Push-Ups

Start in a push-up position but have your body hinged into the air while you are on your hands and feet. Walk your arms in so that your legs are slightly bent as if you were a frog. Bring your body all the way back as you lower your legs into a low squat position with your hands


10)    Squats

Start in a standing position with your feet shoulder width apart and toes pointed outward. Keep your back straight and in a neutral position, squat down into a lowered position.  


11)    Plank

Start on your elbows and toes. Focus on engaging your whole body by squeezing  your glute, shoulders, and core. Imagine if someone were about to hit you.


12)    V-Ups

​Lay on the ground on your back with your feet pointed out and your arms directly over your head. Focus on keeping  your back neutral, and flat, lift up your arms and your feet so that they meet in the middle.    

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