Try This Killer Ab Work-Out!

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Getting that sexy 6-8 pack/flat tummy is one of the most sought after fitness goals. There is so much information out there that it can get confusing as to what program to use. Try this short circuit that personally use. I have also used these exercises as part of my FSK Methodto help 1000’s of my clients lose weight, build abdominal muscles not only to look great but to have a strong stable core.

The science behind it!

Basically, in order to have the sexy 6-8 pack/flat tummy, you only need two things:

  1. Low body fat (Men: 10-12% and women: 15-18%).

  2. Increased abdominal muscle hypertrophy.

How to reach item 1:

Train smart by performing specific exercises that boost your metabolism and  your BMR (basal metabolic rate). Your BMR is basically how much energy your body will burn by doing nothing. You should also focus on performing exercises that stimulate the growth of your fat burning hormones. The FSK method developed using the innovative and breakthrough method that boosts your BMR as well as stimulate the growth of fat burning hormones. This allows my clients to burn fat and build muscle faster than anything they have ever seen! I won’t go too much into detail about this program.

If you are interested in the full 12 week program check out out my FSK 12-Week Program here.

How to reach item 2:

There there are three ways to train muscles, and in fact the third way has actually been proven to generate strength/trigger muscular hypertrophy faster than the other two. In addition, I believe that the general rule for training should always be applied; improving the physical condition of your body, without compromising its ability to perform tasks in the future. This can basically be summarized into, train your body in a way that prevents long term injuries such as lower back pains.

Traditional core training programs involve doing hundreds of sit ups. This is just not an effective, nor safe way to engage your core. If done properly, your spin should be in a neutral and straight position, however as you will notice people people become fatigued and curl their back. This leads to unnecessary stress points in your vertebrae causing lower back injuries. There are a number of other safer, and more effective methods to train your core. I have taken a few core exercises from my breakthrough and innovative training program; the FSK-Way

The Champions Ab Routine.

You can complete this work-out by itself or use is as addition to your normal workout. Typically people prefer to train abs at the end of their work-out.


1- FSK Plank (40 seconds)

2 - High Plank Walk Out (40 Seconds)

3 - FSK Plank (40 Seconds)

*Each set is 2 minutes; take a 30 second rest between sets.*

1. FSK-Plank - 40 seconds


The FSK-Plank is a more effective method to engage your core than a typical plank. You hold the plank in the same position, however, you will engage your whole body during the working time. Flex your core, shoulders, glut, etc. brace your body as if someone were going to hit you. Make sure that your body is straight, your back isn't dipped or pointed up. When you start counting, make sure you are squeezing as hard as you can.

2. High Plank Walk-Out - 40 seconds

Position 1 - Start in a push up position (see photo). In this position the key is to ensure that your back is straight. Your butt should not be sticking up or lower than the rest of your body. Keep your glut engaged, as well as squeezing your shoulder blades together and stiffen your upper body.  

Position 2 - Slowly walk your hands out in front of you. As you walk, your natural tendency will be to sway your hips left and right. Avoid this! This is what will engage and activate your core, you must use your core strength to maintain balance in your body as you walk out. Walk out to a range where you are comfortable and then slowly walk your hands back to return to the first position. Repeat this as many times as possible, while taking your time, in the 30 second time frame.


1- Isometric Band Holds (40 seconds)

2 - Band Extension (40 Seconds)

3 - Hanging Leg Raise (40 Seconds)

Isometric Band Holds (40 seconds)

Start by hooking a band to a stationary post. Take a step with the band do the side to a point where it is creating tension, but not too much tension that you are falling over. Maintain a solid trunk; squeeze your abs, squeeze your shoulder blades together, push your chest out and squeeze your shoulder blames. Inhale take a deep breathe, and as you exhale, extend the band out in front of you creating a perpendicular force that is trying to make you turn your upper body; your job is to make sure that this doesn't happen. Make sure that no matter what happens, you body stays stiff and does not wobble around. Hold for the specified time. 

2 - Band Extensions (40 seconds)

Start by hooking a band to a stationary post. Take a step with the band do the side to a point where if you extend the band to the furthest point (See Photo 2), it creates an uncomfortable level of tension, however this is fine. Get into the starting position by standing about 1 step behind the band anchor point; so when you extend, it travels straight out. Keep your chest up, shoulder blades back, core engaged, turn your whole upper body. Do not allow anything to loose tension, imagine there is a pole down your back and you can not wobble. Exhale, and turn your body fully. Repeat as many times as possible within the time. 

3 - Hanging Leg Raise (40 Seconds)

*You can use the chin up bar, or if you don't have one you can always modify the work out to use two chairs and perform it with your legs bent.*

Start in the hanging position on a chin up bar. Focus on only moving your legs by pushing your chest out, and squeezing your back, slowly lift your leg up so that it is parallel with the ground. When you perform this exercise, it is important to focus on isolating your core concentric movement, and not use momentum. Each rep fully stop your legs and lift it up slowly, feeling your core performing all the work.

​This quick ab routine is an example of the FSK-Method; the innovative training methods that elite level kick-boxers and boxers use to get in shape fast. To see the complete program visit the link here.

​Mike Zhang is a fitness, health and striking coach. With over 10 years of experience as an athlete and personal trainer he possesses a vast amount of information pertaining to weight loss, nutrition, boxing/kickboxing and overall fitness. He was the 2011 TBA-SA B-Class Champion, 2014 USMTO Open Class Silver Medalist and York Muay Thai Athlete of the Year in 2014. He worked as a personal trainer at a local commercial gym and assistant coach at his Muay Thai gym. He is also the founder of the FSK12, the 12 week innovative program based on the training methods of elite strikers.This quick ab routine is an example of the FSK-Method; the innovative training methods that elite level kick-boxers and boxers use to get in shape fast. To see the complete program visit the link here.